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Mindjet MindManager 10

A free day trial of Co-Editing is included with MindManager MindManager Snap Snap up great content the moment you find it Inspiration and ideas can show up at any time. Our fully-redesigned MindManager Go mobile viewer app lets you review, show, discuss and even capture content for your maps anywhere and anytime you want to.

The MindManager Learning Center with step-by-step tutorials helps new users get up and running quickly and seasoned users become familiar with more advanced functionality. Spend less time figuring out how to use common features and functions and learn the lay of the land Dive deeper into more advanced features that can help you with your daily workflow Tutorials include brainstorming, flowcharting, project management, sharing, mastering MindManager, and more NEW! Excel Data Mapper Get a clearer view of complex data Now you can easily harness the incredible data-crunching power of Excel, and leave its complexity behind.

Our new Data Mapper tool lets you quickly and precisely categorize, comprehend and analyze Excel data imported into MindManager maps. Excel Export Give your spreadsheets style AND substance Enjoy more control than ever over the way you structure and present information in Excel. Our new Export tool makes it easy to customize spreadsheet structure, organization, style and more when exporting MindManager map content to Excel.

Create a clear, accurate, instantly-understandable spreadsheet view of MindManager map content Add icons, tags, task information, properties and more Define content order, sheet layout and formatting NEW!

For instance, users can build a project plan in MindManager and send the tasks to dozens of project and task management applications. Or, users can configure Zapier to send content like important emails or links to new documents added into your cloud storage to any of your maps, like a project dashboard map.

Another important use of MindManager is to plan and manage projects. This tool helps managers focus their attention on the tasks that could potentially delay the project if something falls behind schedule.

We strongly believe in the power of visualization leveraging images, icons and even topic shapes and colors to differentiate topics allowing you, the user, to add meaning to each of these elements.

And we believe you should have the power to turn this feature on and set your own preferred colors. A smaller but useful update is to provide you with the option of wrapping the topic and task information so all the information is displayed within the map.

In the past, for instance, when you had multiple resources assigned to a task, the information was cut off and only visible through hovering over the information and using the tool tips. Now you can apply the wrapping option and quickly scan your map with all the details visible.

For instance, you can use it to display project timelines highlighting for the team key milestones or communicate your company history visually or your future plans. Personally, I envision using it to illustrate our product and development roadmaps.

These new layouts provide the ability to show or hide branch content, add important meta-data like priorities, percent complete, notes, hyperlinks and more. You can quickly filter topics within the timeline or leverage the map index to quickly navigate to relevant topics. We heard over the course of the year a lot of positive and some critical feedback for our latest visualization we introduced last year, flowcharts and concept maps.

We continued to invest in this area, making improvements to help users draw flowcharts with ease. We added a new quick menu for choosing shapes in any direction off of a flow chart topic.

Mindjet MindManager 10

Mindjet MindManager 10 buy

Work faster. Work better. Connect everything that matters to your work, from anywhere it is, to everywhere you are … so you can get to where you want to be. Co-Editing Empower teamwork and ignite innovation When people apply their collective brainpower to a shared goal, amazing things can happen. Now you can experience the power of live collaboration with MindManager.

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The new MindManager Reviewers of your map can navigate within the map, open and close branches, access links, attachments and view topic notes and other map data, pan and zoom, search for information and more. Topic Quick Add We know a lot of MindManager users facilitate meetings with MindManager and use it for note taking in and out of meetings. Hit the plus sign and new topics will appear in the direction of your choice, creating either a parent topic, a sibling topic or a child topic. This is the first step in order to provide viewing capability as soon as possible. You can still access images from the previous version in the Library under the Legacy category. The MindManager templates library has also been updated to include these new images. I know it has been a while since our last update, longer than we had planned originally.

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MindManager lets you consolidate all information related to a project, plan or concept into one central, shared portal that keeps your team on task, on time and most importantly, on the same page. Transparently communicate ownership, priorities, deadlines and more. Problem with MindManager and macOS High Sierra I need to reinstall Mindjet in iMac with macOS High Sierra V. from file. It reinstalls OK and I can work a wh. Mindjet 11 for Windows; Mindjet MindManager 9. Mac OS. MindManager 12 for Mac; MindManager 11 for Mac; MindManager 10 for Mac; MindManager 9 for Mac; MindManager 8 for Mac. Older versions If you are looking for downloads and documentation for older versions, please contact us. To use ProjectDirector, MindManager PLUS, or Mindjet for Business.