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Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Standard

You can choose a color with the standard Mac color picker, but OmniGraffle also offers four types of gradient fill, with customizable colors, transparency, direction, and intensity. The 25 line varieties can be customized with miter or bevel joints, and you can specify corner rounding to the pixel. Though I have no experience in graphic design, I was able to find my way around the tools and create clean, well laid out diagrams.

Import and export OmniGraffle Pro opens and converts a variety of other file types. While this worked fine for simple structures, large numbers of files and folders resulted in unwieldy diagrams with overlapping file names. The remaining file types OmniGraffle can convert tend to be very specialized. Programmers may find it handy to visualize the relationships in Xcode projects or nib files, but the lack of more broadly used formats like OPML, HTML tables and lists, or even plain text outlines is puzzling.

Exporting is much more satisfying. All the formats I tested turned out sharp, accurate versions of the original. New features Version 5 of OmniGraffle adds a moderate array of new features, primarily targeted at enhancing productivity. New mini-inspectors are context-sensitive controls that populate the space just below the standard OS X toolbar.

Tools that are applicable to the selected object appear. Along the bottom of the window resides the new style tray, which contains up to eight icons representing the fill, stroke, image, shadow, shape, font, and text position attributes of the currently selected object. The eighth icon represents all style attributes applied to the selected object.

When a style tray icon is dropped onto a layout object, the object picks up the style attributes of the icon—a handy way to reformat several objects in rapid succession. OmniGraffle Pro 5 sports a new layout engine based on the open source Graphviz software.

Importing and exporting large documents were the only operations that required a wait, but even those were well within reason. The comfortable user interface belies the depth of its capabilities—a model for complex software. When I look at the work we did across our apps this summer, I classify it into three broad areas of change: We added support for the new native Dark Mode in iOS We added support for multiple active windows from the same app in iPadOS The platform never supported that feature in the past, and every bit of logic which managed application state and user interactions had to be updated to support the possibility of user interactions coming from and going to multiple windows at once.

Of course this affects the main document being edited, but it also affected the template chooser for new documents, the stencil browser in OmniGraffle, and the theme picker in OmniOutliner. We also have a public iOS 13 TestFlight for OmniFocus, which is focused on its bug fix release today but will be switching over to its feature update very soon. For customers who have already purchased our current v3 apps: Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy Dark Mode, multiple windows, more flexibility in where you keep your documents, and more!

You can find me on twitter at kcase , or send me email at kc omnigroup. You can sign up to get OmniGraffle via TestFlight. Other iOS 13 features added in this TestFlight include: Dark Mode: Context Menus: But if you do decide to help us test, please let us know how it goes: The Omni Show: Reid started at The Omni Group as an intern, went back to school, then returned as an employee after graduation. Reid has two pets: And Destiny.

Testers Wanted! These builds require iOS There are a number of other iOS 13 features now supported:

Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Standard

Buy Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Standard

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