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Paragon NTFS 14

Before you begin searching how to troubleshoot your issue, please make sure to look through the common recommendations. Open the preference pane interface, select Settings tab. If the problem appeared after updating the previous version, please try uninstalling the software using downloaded. Reboot your Mac again after installation. If the problem appeared after OS X update, please reinstall the driver. Hard link reading and creation for files are supported in UFSD driver and created links are fully compatible with Windows platforms.

Paragon NTFS 14

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It comes with all of the tools you need to control and help your hard drive. This software lets you have advanced partitioning without dropping information, ordinary gadgets and facts healing, fixing any boot machine problems, managing and replacing more than one running structure, putting a brand new power into the service, copying old hard drives, and growing a new difficult force. Easily browse content and create a play, edit, copy or create files and folders. You can quickly move files between the Windows operating system and your Mac. In this file system, you can securely transfer data. Just worry about you. This is the best choice for your makeup. Restart your Mac faster. The software is a reliable hard drive that can be used immediately. This way, you can also easily switch from one operating system to another, such as Windows for Mac.

Диски в формате NTFS на Mac. Как работать с внешними дисками на macOS с помощью Paragon NTFS?