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proDAD ReSpeedr 1

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proDAD ReSpeedr 1

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Professional grade results without the professional price tag. And just as easy you can turn your footage into fascinating time-lapse videos. You determine the degree of speeding your scenes up or slowing them down. Then ReSpeedr exports the desired scenes as video files in best quality. Professional high-speed-cameras are not only expensive and lack flexibility. Due to the fast shutter speed, they also require huge amounts of light. And most of those recordings are restricted to capturing just a few seconds only. Instead of only slowing down your recordings you can set keyframes to dynamically vary the speed from timelapse to slow-motion.

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Over the last few years they have come out with software that addressed the realms of transitions Vitascene , video stabilization Mercalli and action-video optimization ProDRENALIN in clever, albeit unique, ways. Respeedr is a program that tries to add slow- and fast-motion processing to that list. Respeedr is a fairly simple program, with all of its functions spread over two pages. The first page is where you load a clip you would like to effect. Scrubbing of the ribbon is fluid, and it responds with a flow and ease that might lull you into thinking that you can use the ribbon in real-time to speed-ramp up and down, back and forth. On the timeline there are two sets of brackets — the bottom pair selects the edit area of the loaded clip, and the top pair selects the subsection that you will be slowing down or speeding up. There is no obvious way to ramp into or out of speed transitions, and the attached help file is pretty terse overall, giving the bare minimum of information on how to operate Respeedr effectively.

proDAD ReSpeedr 1

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These cookies ProDAD ReSpeedr 1 Download will be ProDAD ReSpeedr 1 Download stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Account/10(). Feb 01,  · A short clip showing a comparison between the two Slow Motion Tools Twixtor 6 and ReSpeedr which both are using an optical flow technique. The goal was to create a 4 times slow motion. Source. ERAZR V1 ReSpeedr V1 ProDRENALIN V2 Plus Titling, Lower Thirds & Animation Get detailed compatibility information about proDAD products as plugins for Adobe Premiere CS4 and potential limitations with the use in Premiere CS4.