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Prosoft Engineering Drive Genius 3

A compliment to Data Rescue 3 , Drive Genius is less about repair and more about diagnosis and defrag. You can scan a drive for sector problems caused when the platters of a drive do not place data correctly on a hard disk, which can then slow your computer. A suite of helpful tools helps you repair problems by running defrag this does not restore lost data though and partition drives so you can separate, say, a Mac OS drive from a data drive. A brand new tool called DrivePulse reports any errors that occur as you are using your Mac for everyday tasks. Utilitarian in approach Drive Genius does not bother too much with superfluous graphics or fancy visuals, although the app does provide some nifty animations similar to those in Data Rescue that show how a hard drive platter might spin and bits flying across the screen during a scan. However, the options are arranged for quick access; you can click icons or choose tools from a drop-down menu. In several scanning tests with a normal drive in a MacBook that is about three years old, Drive Genius found a wide range of sector errors. One note about using this tool:

Prosoft Engineering Drive Genius 3

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Due to the size of the file required to create the boot DVD, it is only available upon request. If you would like to create a Drive Genius 3 startup disk that is bootable via USB or FireWire, please follow the directions provided at: In that set up, you must startup from a secondary startup disk. Customer Ratings Write a Review 4. Kaner Location: Mokena Age:

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Share Sponsored Links When your Mac starts acting unreliably your first line of defense is Apple’s Disk Utility , but that solves a small number of problems, such as permissions and disk verification and repair. Drive Genius offers repair and maintenance utilities you can use to make sure your hard drive runs at maximum efficiency. When you launch Drive Genius you can choose any one of the available utilities from a set of icons displayed across two screens. Each module presents an option to choose a drive, volume or files and folders on the right, depending on the utility’s purpose. Options available for each utility appear in the main window with simple instructions. A question mark icon on the bottom right opens the help file. The simple Preferences offer three options.

Prosoft Engineering Drive Genius 3

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Apr 29,  · Drive Genius 3 includes features such as DrivePulse¨, the best way to monitor the overall health of your Mac hard drive, alerting you to possible hard drive issues before they become major problems, RAID Support, Email Notifications, and has enhanced features including Defrag, Repartition and Scan/5(). Prosoft Engineering Drive Genius 3 Price, Installer Autodesk MotionBuilder , Cost Of Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, Online Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Professional/10(). From IMac For Dummies, 10th Edition. By Mark L. Chambers. If you’re new to the iMac, you’ll be eager to discover its exciting possibilities. To get the most out of your iMac or iMac Pro, use the keyboard shortcuts for macOS Mojave, follow a recommended maintenance schedule, and, if you run into a problem, follow the troubleshooting steps.

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