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Modifier keys are also supported, such as using the Option key to duplicate when dragging or constraining the interactive rotation by holding down Shift.

The existing Item Tool and new Text Content Tool both exhibit similar smart behavior, which Quark says will lead to less switching between tools, even for rotation or dealing with multiple items.

The Picture Content Tool offers an interactive approach to picture cropping. Content is king The new content tools also allow designers to create templates with preset content type or modifier keys to set the generic boxes to be either text or pictures. Such shortcuts add to the existing library of key commands that are preserved in version 8. Actually getting content into QuarkXPress has been made simpler too, including the ability to drag and drop from the desktop or Adobe Bridge, iPhoto or Extensis Portfolio.

The opposite is also true—you can drag content from layout boxes to applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word or the desktop, to allow editing of the content in an external application. Such streamlining abounds, such as when you want to create rounded rectangles, you simply draw a box as usual then select the rounded corners icon on the status bar.

Item Styles let you modify similar items throughout a project and can be exported. Another powerful new command is Item Styles. As well as enabling the formatting of multiple items to be applied simultaneously, the new item style command can sample attributes of an item into the dialog box using an acquire command, picking up attributes of any item selected.

An edit dialog box is on hand to allow users to turn on or off or adjust these properties, before saving the attributes as a new style—this is offered as a keyboard shortcut too. The related Item FindChange command allows you to filter by type and shape and then modify the appearance of multiple existing items. The Measurements Palette also gets a boost. Features include interactive drop shadows, which allows designers to directly manipulate the direction of the effect and vertical guides appear when tab settings are adjusted.

Meanwhile if you rescale an image, the effective resolution will display a live update on the measurements palette. Legacy users Quark obviously wants to get the sizable base of legacy users up to speed.

Adaptive Resolution Technology When it comes to viewing images within a layout, most desktop publishing tools-ask designers to compromise on quality, performance or both. In contrast, by utilizing the latest processor technology, the Adaptive Resolution feature in the software delivers high-resolution images every time without compromising performance.

Task-based Tools One of the most time-consuming aspects of design and production is getting to the right tool at the right time. The program minimizes your trips to the Tools Palette by putting the right tools at your fingertips. Libraries Is there a logo, a design, a run of text you use all the time?

Put them in a library — then the next time you need it, you can just drag a copy of it from the library to the page. Multiple Views To tweak details, you have to zoom in.

To get the big picture, you have to zoom out. This software lets you do both at the same time. With the Split View feature, you can divide a window into separate views of the same layout, and each view acts as a separate window, with its own magnification.

You can even divide views across multiple monitors. Learn Once for Multiple Channels The program provides a toolset that lets you design and publishes for a variety of output formats — including the smartphones, e-readers, and tablets — without having to learn a different skill set for each, learn to write code or program or purchase additional software applications.

QuarkXPress 8

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Five years passed before a Microsoft Windows version 3. In the s, QuarkXPress became widely used by professional page designers, the typesetting industry, and printers. In particular, the Mac version of 3. In , QuarkXPress incorporated an application programming interface called XTensions which allows third-party developers to create custom add-on features to the desktop application. Xtensions, along with Apple Computer ‘s HyperCard , was one of the first examples of a developer allowing others to create software add-ons for their application.

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“QuarkXPress is the best desktop publishing software for print and digital projects, which makes it a real alternative and a viable replacement to InDes Views: 32K. At Quark we take pride in our customer’s success. End of Life (EOL) timelines are crucial for us to prioritize on new QuarkXPress releases and to align our customers’ expectations. By providing visibility into product release / support guidelines, our customers are better able to . VTC QuarkXPress is a product developed by site is not directly affiliated with trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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