Rosetta Stone – Learn Chinese (Mandarin) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

Understand everyday language. Through Rosetta Stone’s proficiency-based listening and reading activities, you’ll soon be able to understand everyday language. Pronounce words correctly. After practicing with Rosetta Stones proprietary speech comparison tool, the correct pronunciation of words will come easily.

Find the words you need when you need them. Connecting new language directly to real-life images means the words spring to mind when you’re in everyday contexts. Spell and write accurately. Language-specific keyboards and drag-and-drop tiles perfect your writing skills. Learn to communicate. You’ll quickly combine words and phrases into complete sentences and dialogues. Retain what you learn. Regular reinforcement of new words and phrases in new contexts ensures the language sticks with you in the real world.

Product details Domestic Shipping: There are five different French accent marks: Perfecting your pronunciation is the key to having conversations with confidence in French. Rosetta Stone encourages language learners to begin practicing making French sounds out loud from the very first lesson with a patented speech recognition engine called TruAccent.

Embedded in every lesson, TruAccent compares your pronunciation to that of native French speaker and provides feedback, helping you hone in on understanding and being understood in French. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. Here is a link to the audio instead. Start with common French conversational phrases Knowing a few scattered words in French and trying to string them together can make for some very awkward conversations. Instead, focus on learning common phrases up front, including often used greetings and questions.

Practice with a French Phrasebook Keeping a French phrasebook on hand for quick reference can be a helpful tool not just in advancing your confidence to engage in impromptu conversations, but also to help you practice and study in stolen minutes throughout the day.

Rosetta Stone makes this easy for French language learners with quick-access Phrasebook built into the mobile app to help you learn and practice French on-the-go. We call words derived from the same mother tongue cognates , and French and English have the good fortune of sharing quite a few.

Words like carafe, finir to finish , or fiasco are all cognates. Beware however of words that are spelled similarly but pronounced differently. These are semi-true cognates, and they take a little extra finesse in pronunciation to pull off. Learning the difference between formal and informal greetings and which ones are the correct phrases to use depending on the situation is especially crucial for French language learners.

For instance, there are three separate French greetings you might use to say hello, but the appropriateness of each depends on how well you know the person you are speaking to. Bonjour can be used in most situations, and salut is okay for casual settings, but you should only use coucou with very close friends or family. The best way to practice French grammar is not to do pen and paper drills or exercises, but to learn how to conjugate verbs and get subject agreement in the context of actual French conversations.

Focus on getting your French verbs to agree French can be a tricky language in that when you conjugate verbs , they have to agree both in gender and number. French verbs are generally divided into three groups for conjugation: There are standard rules for conjugation that will apply depending on which group the verb fits into, as well as variations of conjugation depending on the subject and the verb tense.

Subjunctive tense is used to indicate uncertainty and is usually coupled with the expression of an emotion, an opinion or a desire.

For instance, Je veux que tu le fasses I want you to do it is an example of the irregular verb for do faire conjugated in the subjective.

Conditional mood in French is when something is not guaranteed to happen. These two French moods that determine conjugation are not about when an action happened but about how it happened. Practice learning French in the present first Overwhelmed by all the rules? The best way to demystify complex French grammar rules and verb conjugation is to start simple with the present tense. Learn how to form verbs ending in -er in the present tense before branching out into other endings. Then take the next step and tackle irregular verbs before circling back and learning how to adapt verbs in other more complicated tenses.

This is why Rosetta Stone structures lessons in small increments, so you can learn a language one bite at a time, practicing previous vocabulary and grammar extensively before moving on to new concepts.

Hov to Practice Learning French Learning and studying French is an excellent first step to understanding the language, but at some point, you need to get out there and practice your conversational skills. Modeling and rehearsing real-world situations will help language learners get beyond anxiety about fluency and grow confident enough to speak like a local.

Rosetta Stone - Learn Chinese (Mandarin) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

Cheap Rosetta Stone – Learn Chinese (Mandarin) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Product description Amazon. The method used recreates the natural way you learned your first language, revealing skills that you already have. This approach has won numerous awards, and has been adopted by countless organizations, schools and millions of users around the world. Join the language revolution today. Only with Rosetta Stone. The comprehensive language-learning solution that fits your life. Learn Naturally Learn your next language the same way you learned your first language. Dynamic Immersion empowers you to see, hear and comprehend without translating or memorizing. You already have this ability.

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Throughout Rosetta Stone, you constantly interact with the program to confirm your intuition. From beginning to end you build systematically toward your language-learning goals, for the most effective and enjoyable instruction anywhere. Pattern your speech after a native speaker. Our speech comparison feature shows you exactly how you’re doing. You learned your first language without translation. You learned your first language easily and naturally by connecting words to objects and events around you. With Rosetta Stone, learn a new language the same way: Studies show that learning exclusively in the new language, without translation as a crutch, is crucial. Rosetta Stone’s exclusive Dynamic Immersion method reinforces your natural language-learning skills with award-winning instructional technology. The timeless immersion method, along with research-based techniques and new technologies, make Rosetta Stone the clear solution to your language-learning needs.

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If you’ve hesitated to learn Chinese because you’ve heard it’s difficult, take heart. With the right approach, learning Chinese doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And there are lots of reasons why learning to speak Chinese, specifically Mandarin Chinese, is worth the bestbuyhow.come is the most spoken language in the world, with roughly billion native speakers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Learn Chinese: Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) – Level Set at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Learn Chinese: Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) – Level Set at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(49).

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