Rosetta Stone – Learn Spanish (Latin America) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

On both of these platforms, you can interact with others by participating online at Rosetta World. The program works best on a PC with a video card capable of a display resolution of x You will interact with other learners and become part of a live community. You can learn via a method that will be active and challenge you to move to the next level.

This allows you to pick Spanish up faster than passively staring at flash cards. You can use your headset microphone and the speech recognition technology that is available to check your pronunciation. You can start with Level 1 and move your way to Level 5 at your own pace. This learning program has no deadlines and is flexible enough for any learner. Children are natural learners, and they will enjoy this great program. Rather than waiting until their high school years, you can start them at a young age.

To broaden your Spanish from beginner to intermediate language learning, it helps to focus on some tactics that can accelerate your understanding of Spanish. He is happy because today is Saturday.

Instead, focus on speaking commonly used phrases in the context of conversations. Rosetta Stone makes this part of your language learning journey easy with a phrasebook that you can quickly reference to find the most common conversational phrases in Spanish.

How to Advance Your Spanish Learning? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, language learning is a journey, not a destination. To get the most out of yours, focus on advancing your learning one step at a time instead of striving towards an elusive end goal.

Rosetta Stone can help with plenty of lessons and learning strategies for advanced Spanish language learners. For Spanish, that means learning a handful of verbs ending in -ir, -ar, and -er. Words like comer to eat or hablar to talk have straightforward conjugations. Unfortunately, some of the more commonly used Spanish verbs are irregular, meaning that they have nuanced rules for conjugation.

Ser to be is a excellent example of one of the most widely used irregular Spanish verbs. When conjugated it can change from soy to eres, es, and somos. Irregular verbs like these can be memorized, but are also best learned through contextualized practice. And with the help of a few simple rules, you can usually figure out which gender is associated with which noun.

For instance, el gato is a male cat while la perra is a female dog, but you can also have la gata female cat and el perro male dog. Mixed groups of people or living things are referred to with masculine gender. Certain endings of words for nouns can also determine the gender of the article. Rosetta Stone is self-contained and intuitive to use. There are no complicated lists to memorize or handbooks to read.

With Dynamic Immersion, you can start learning immediately. And what exactly is Dynamic Immersion? Studies show that learning exclusively in the new language–without translation as a crutch–is crucial if you want to communicate. Grammar drills and rote memorization never develop this skill. Dynamic Immersion helps you think in the new language and quickly develops the language skills and structures you need to for everyday communication. Rosetta Stone teaches Spanish through a step-by-step sequence of carefully structured Dynamic Immersion lessons.

New words become associated with familiar objects, actions, and ideas. Words build to phrases and sentences in a systematic progression. The Dynamic Immersion method reconnects people to the language skills they used successfully to master their first language.

Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish (Latin America) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

Cheapest Rosetta Stone – Learn Spanish (Latin America) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

About this product Product Information You can assimilate into a Latin American culture with minimal effort using Rosetta Stone Spanish software to absorb the language quickly. Levels 1 through 5 can help you learn, speak, and write fluently. This program is mentored by native speakers employing learning tools for pronunciation. While in the car commuting to work, you can use the companion CDs or mobile apps to practice speaking. You can work on conversational skills or learn to communicate about relevant topics of the day like politics or current events. Before long, the dialect can become second nature.

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Dynamic Immersion[ edit ] In a Rosetta Stone Language Learning exercise, the student pairs sound or text to one of several images. The number of images per screen varies. For example, the software shows the student four photographs. A native speaker makes a statement that describes one of the photographs, and the statement is printed on the screen; the student chooses the photograph that the speaker described. In another variation, the student completes a textual description of a photograph. In writing exercises, the software provides an on-screen keyboard for the user to type characters that are not in the Latin alphabet. Grammar lessons cover grammatical tense and grammatical mood. In grammar lessons, the program firstly shows the learner several examples of a grammatical concept, and in some levels the word or words the learner should focus on are highlighted. Then the learner is given a sentence with several options for a word or phrase, and the student chooses the correct option. If the student has a microphone , the software can attempt to evaluate word pronunciation.

Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish (Latin America) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set)

Rosetta Stone – Learn Spanish (Latin America) (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Set) license price

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