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Sage ACT Premium 2012

I tried to sync the Google calendar with ACT! I then turned that off and tried the sync on the Outlook calendar and got the same failure message. I should have tried to create a calendar event at that point but I didn’t. I went on to configure ACT! Connect that I also have and sycronize that with the new database. No problems were evident with that.

Anyway, after all of that, I tried to create a calendar event and got the same error as indicated above. The attempt to syncronize corrupts the database. A corruption so bad that the repair tools have no effect on it. BTW I’ve already installed the update. I want to avoid having to do a whole reinstallation if I can. I have already filled out the Windows phone dialog box, but every time I open Act!

Pro, Sage ACT! Premium Version: Windows 8, Windows Server Cause: This issue is caused by an incompatible registry key configuration when using Sage ACT! This information is provided as a convenience. Close Act!. On your keyboard, hold down the Windows key and press R. The Run box opens. Type regedit and click OK.

The Windows Registry Editor opens. Click File, then Export. In the File name: For the Export range, select All. Select Desktop from the locations on the left side. Click Save. This will create a backup of your registry.

Sage ACT Premium 2012

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Sage ACT! The software is distributed by Sage Group and is capable of tracking clients and prospects in a centralized database. First released in , ACT! The software is currently available in many languages including English, French and German, and is sold internationally. It is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, as well as other popular applications. Contact Management: Allows users to design and organize all customer information in one central repository, thereby making that information readily available to all users. Task and Schedule Management: Provides for automated scheduling with the help of a calendar. Activity reminders and meeting schedules are provided for both clients and users.

Sage ACT Premium 2012

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