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SmithMicro Stuffit Deluxe 15

When I select decimal and click ok it always reverts to hexadecimal. The instructions say select decimal but I can’t get that to stick. Any suggestions. Wow, thanks beyond thanks. I pitched 5 bucks your way thru donation.

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StuffIt Deluxe’s advanced compression technology shrinks your photos, music and other documents without reducing quality. StuffIt is your one stop file transfer solution offering support for FTP, email, cloud storage integration and more. StuffIt makes your files as mobile as you are! Buy Now. We rarely just want to compress files; we almost always want them to go somewhere, or to someone. StuffIt Destinations lets you drag and drop files onto any destination tile, where it packages the files and delivers them to a pre-set destination. Easily add custom tiles to your StuffIt Destinations toolbar. Keep the StuffIt Destinations tool bar floating in a corner on your desktop and you’ll have instant access to compress and send your files any way and anywhere you want them to go. StuffIt Destinations Tool Bar StuffIt Deluxe Mac Protection and Encryption Whether you’re sending a sensitive file to someone or you want to protect files on your hard drive from prying eyes, creating an encrypted archive is the right solution.

SmithMicro Stuffit Deluxe 15