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SPI SheetMetalWorks 2016

Already for several years our employees have enjoyed the opportunity to work remotely, regardless of their location. A tried and tested concept with all the means of communication and collaboration that modern technology provides.

This allows our entire team to fully meet our obligations. That said, there are certain restrictions on our sales representatives that currently apply to everyone. For you as our customer, the current situation in certain areas has led to potentially dramatic changes. Thus, finding forward-looking solutions that work for everyone is more important than ever. We would like to support you in coping with the crisis and therefore offer you limited local software rental licenses for our SheetMetal Solutions.

You can install these licenses locally on a home workstation and therefore work without relying on internet traffic. As always, the entire SPI team is there for you. Get in touch with us and find out how we can support you! Their main focus is on the creation of precise unfolding, the calculation of which is based on the machines, tools, and methods used.

From now on, the software will automatically detect all production-relevant information when this shape is used in another sheet metal part or assembly.

How does SheetMetalWorks handle multi-body-parts and variants? SheetMetalWorks is optimized for handling multi-body parts. It is thus possible to assign each body a separate thickness, its own material and bending tool, as well as a separate type of shortening. Of course, every body can be handled individually.

In addition, updating the unfolding of every body or creating the unfolding of sheet metal bodies which exist in different variants configurations or iParts to the desired target format is possible with a single command.

How does the “rebuilding” function work? With the help of the re-building functionality, SheetMetalWorks generates a manufacturing-ready STEP file that shows a realistic 3D view of the part that is being produced virtual prototype. It takes into account on-site conditions and can be used for offline bend programming, laser beam welding, or collision prevention during bending.

Even the unfolding of free-form surfaces and transitions will no longer be a problem. The software makes it possible to unfold curved surfaces like conical, elliptical, and other transitional surfaces.

Thanks to optimized and production-orientated positioning of bending lines and tools, SheetMetalWorks provides a flat pattern that can be directly passed on to the production.

SPI SheetMetalWorks 2016

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SPI SheetMetalWorks 2016

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