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VMware Workstation 6.5

A few people mentioned running the vCenter Appliance without having to modify anything, but they did not document what they did. So I decided I would write up a quick walkthrough showing everyone how easy it is to get the vCenter 6.

This never really needed mentioning before; because most of the time we can access systems via IP address, since a home lab has a limited number of machines anyway.

But in this case, I did encounter a problem opening the vCenter Appliance directly via IP because of the certificate being created with the hostname. This is actually more ideal; but this requires a working DNS server in your network, so I find my home router to be a small wonder in this regard as it provides local DNS name resolution. Now, what am I working with: VMware vCenter Appliance — 6. Obviously, install VMware Workstation on the machine where you plan to run the vCenter 6.

Once you download the file, you will notice that it is an ISO file so you will have to open it with WinRAR or load it onto a virtual drive. Extract the VCSA 6. Open the VCSA 6. Import the VCSA 6. Your MAC address will have six alphanumeric pairs, but I am paranoid. If you receive the correct IP address for that machine, then you have local DNS name resolution working and should not have any problems with the rest of this walkthrough.

Open http: PRO Setup: Static Hostname and IP reservations on your router. Eventually your VM will fully load and you will see the familiar hypervisor console, which will display the URL you need to go to in order to complete the configuration of your vCenter Appliance.

You will note the warning Root password is not set. Bonus Point: What was the previous color scheme for the VMware Hypervisor Console? You would be surprised by how many devices on an enterprise network have default passwords. You can poke around in the Hypervisor Console, but there is really nothing interesting and in the sub-menu Configure Management Network everything should be set to Automatic already.

Get it? Most of the other walkthroughs will have you create both certificates with a static IP address, but I prefer to leverage the hostname which is more flexible. So open https: Still, good to know that you have other options. This will begin an HTML-based configuration walkthrough; which is nice and fairly self-explanatory, so I will just fly through these with screenshots and minor commentary on input values.

The first screen will simply explain that you have completed Stage 1, which is the deployment of the vCenter Server Appliance and this will now take you through Stage 2 — Set up vCenter Server Appliance. You completed Stage 1 without even realizing it. Click Next on the Introduction screen and you will be taken to Appliance Configuration, which has a surprising small number of options. Can appliance configuration be made any easier? And the performance is pretty OK. You’ll see it in the video.

No more VMX file tweaks. Check my post from the official release here. In this post we’ll show you two ways of doing it: A thing you normally don’t do anyway. So we’ll show you both ways, but the second one will be more like what you would do in the production environment. No tweaking of VMX files. It is a convenient way to learn more about virtualization. I’ve done that, I’ve been there.

Even if now I have decent lab , which is evolutive at least from the storage and RAM perspective.

VMware Workstation 6.5

VMware Workstation 6.5 for Sale

Known Issues Following are the known issues for Workstation 6. In some instances, adding the vmware-authd. Launch the Workstation installer again. In the Windows 7 Printers control panel, you might see only the default printer, even though other printers are available. To view other printers, right-click the default printer and point to printer Properties option. On Windows bit hosts, when installing VMware Workstation in a directory path that contains non-ASCII characters, a warning message appears and the installation continues.

VMware Workstation 6.5

Cheap price VMware Workstation 6.5

Note that newly created virtual machines in Workstation 6. The issue is only with older virtual machines, created with previous versions of Workstation that do not transfer correctly. If you create a virtual machine on a host with an English locale and then try to open that virtual machine on a Japanese host where the path to the Workstation installation directory contains certain Japanese hanzi characters or other characters that are not in the local encoding that is, not Japanese , you might not be able to open the virtual machine. If a virtual machine’s configuration file. For example, open a Fusion 1. Workstation and Virtual Machine Installation, Upgrade, and Compatibility On Linux hosts that are running a GL-based X server Xgl , after you install Workstation, you might not be able to power on a virtual machine until you reboot the host. If you configure a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 virtual machine to automatically update VMware Tools, the guest might freeze during the automatic update process. Power the virtual machine off, power it on again, and then manually uninstall and then reinstall VMware Tools. On virtual machines with a Windows operating system, if the virtual machine is set to automatically update VMware Tools, the virtual machine is not restarted after the update. You must manually restart the virtual machine to complete the update and start VMware Tools.