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WorkNC v24

The upgraded function enables users to rapidly evaluate various amounts of rest material left on any given model according to user-defined color ranges. This latest version also offers a new collision-detection algorithm with faster calculation abilities, and that takes into account the machine, the toolpath and the clamping system. For 5-axis ma- chining, the Auto5 module will determine the best possible conditions for a user-defined cutting tool. Special attention has been given to machining with small cutters to optimize cutting conditions for features such as ribs and narrow slots. High-Performance Machining WORKNC toolpaths undergo regular and comprehensive reviews to ensure that users benefit from the most efficient algorithms and the latest machining technologies. This has been achieved by obtaining greater precision in detecting the areas, both vertical and planar, to be re-machined. Z-Level machining is used on vertical areas and planar surfaces are machined using contour- ing strategies. The new variable Z-step option generates smoother trajectories along with enhanced optimization, offering improved surface-finish quality and further gains in productivity. A new intelli- gent function based on the detection and organization of specific feature zones allows dif- ferent elements to be grouped together.

WorkNC v24

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With a wide range of new and enhanced functionality, product manager Miguel Johan says visitors will be astounded at the extent WorkNC version 24 improves CAM operator productivity and machining quality even further. On large models and even on extremely complex components it is easy for users to determine the small zones or pockets that still need to be machined. Other innovative features include symmetry functions, importing 2D features directly from native NX files, quicker collision calculations, and new functions for working on STL models. For 5-axis the Auto5 module determines the best possible conditions for a user-defined cutting tool. The exhibition also sees the French launch of Edgecam R1, which includes a brand new Waveform roughing cycle for turning. Based on the successful milling waveform technology, the toolpath maintains a constant cutting load. The release introduces further Workflow enhancements by supporting multiple setups for both milling and turning, meaning the component, stock and fixtures, can be passed to new machining sequences. It promotes the use of a single CAM file to house multiple machining setups, ensuring the stock remains associative between setups. The Wire EDM product is now available in Workflow, and Edgecam R1 offers full machine simulation, including stock and cross-section display. And WorkXplore 3D is a major new release of the software which contains many features usually only found in CAD systems, enabling the user to perform diagnostics, create assembly instructions and prepare the production of 3D models.

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