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Charge Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable - Best Buy How

Charge Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable

Here is the detail about Charge Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable. In this article, we will be discussing how can we charge a Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable. We will be telling step-wise how to charge the speaker with an Aux cable. In addition to that, we will talk about what a Bluetooth speaker and its purpose.

Charge Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable
Charge Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable

Charge Bluetooth speaker with an Aux cable:

Bluetooth speaker:

It is a device that is used to amplify and increase the volume through its speakers. In addition to that it can easily connect with any of the devices having Bluetooth systems like smartphones, computers iPods, etc. The Bluetooth speakers have various sizes and designs. Some of them come with batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable. The inbuilt system enhances the volume of the host device.

 Aux Cable:

It is a type of cord or cable that helps to connect your devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets with other devices like TVs, headphones, etc. Many people keep this cord in their cars for playing music by connecting their phones to the speakers.

 How to charge the Bluetooth speaker with an AUX cable?

The Bluetooth speakers are very lightweight and portable that can be used anywhere. By using Bluetooth speakers you can listen to music, watch films, and dramas, and listen to phone calls. For this, the speaker must be always charged. You can charge the speaker by various means. Among them aux cable is one of the means.

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What is an AUX Port?

It is a system for the second audio input. Through this port, you can send data from one device to another device. The various devices like music players, and audio speakers have the AUX connector.

The full form of AUX cord is Auxillary cable which means secondary or alternative. It is also known as the audio cable that is used to connect the devices to other devices. The devices include smartphones, headphones, iPods, etc.

The purpose of the AUX port is to connect the older devices that don’t have an internal Bluetooth transmitter and module. When the aux cable is connected to the host device and connected to the speaker, the connection will be generated between the two devices.

The amplifier inside the devices always requires some sort of energy source. You can connect the energy source using an aux cord.

You can connect the AUX cable directly to the speaker. But for charging the device first of all you must engage the amplifier system. You can connect the power supply after you have turned on the amplifier.

What to do if your speaker won’t charge?

What to do if your speaker won’t charge. There could be various faults in the speaker. It could be either a software or hardware problem. There is the possibility of software bugs. In hardware, there must be a problem with the lithium-ion battery, USB cable, USB port, or solder joint.

There are various things that you can do when your speaker won’t charge.

  • There may be a fault in some of the cables to charge the device. For this try different USB cables so that detect any kind of defect. If you have a defect in the USB cable then buy the new one or replace the defective one.
  • Then you can remove the cord from both sides and again plug them. This allows you to plug the device properly.
  • If the device does amplify the sound properly then you should connect the host device with another host device. If it does not work then there might be a problem with the speaker or cord. For test connect the electric fan to the outlet. When the speaker connects it should be giving a specific sound.
  • Call the technician. He will be opening the device. There may be a problem in the IC. It might be burned which will not allow the device to charge.
  • You can correct this by removing the burned IC and micro USB which will eventually start the charging of the battery.
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 How long does the Bluetooth speaker last?

The Bluetooth speaker lasts for several years. The longevity of the device depends on the usage of the device, how the speakers are used, and also depends on the durability of the speaker.

The longevity of the device depends on the batteries of the speaker. The battery life of the speaker depends on how it is used, how the battery is charged, and many other factors. The speakers having high-quality speakers run for a very long time

How much time is taken by the Bluetooth speaker to charge?

The charging of the battery depends on many factors like a USB port, the capacity of the battery, the type of charger, etc. The battery timing of the different Bluetooth speakers varies. The time taken by a Bluetooth speaker is mentioned on the box of the speaker. The speakers having the batteries of 2200mAh will take about 3 to hours to charge.

How you can use USB with Bluetooth speaker?

You can use with a Bluetooth speaker formatting the USB device by using the USB drive by using Fat32, then loading the files in it. The same procedure is done with the MicroSD cards, format, and then initialize.

In addition to that you can use Bluetooth with the phone, for wireless music. In addition to that you can use the AUX cable to connect the various devices.


In this article, we have talked about the procedure that how we can change the Bluetooth speaker with the aux cable. Along with that we also talked about the Bluetooth speaker and aux cable. Moreover, we also mentioned how can we detect any fault in the speaker or the aux cable. Moreover, we have talked about the battery timing of the Bluetooth speaker and longevity. To get more information read the whole article.

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