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How to create the best player in nba 2k17 - Best Buy How

How to create the best player in nba 2k17

Here is the detail about How to create the best player in NBA 2k17. NBA is a very successful and very famous basketball game. create the best player in nba 2k17 is a very amazing and very enormous game which is Loved by a very large amount of audience. Many people in the world play this game because this game is currently the best in the whole world of basketball sport. Basketball sport is a very famous sport so the fans of basketball can easily complete their fantasies by playing this game because this game offers a very great experience of basketball and mostly it looks realistic.

Create the best player in nba 2k17:

This game has been so much successful since it has released and the game has so many features and brilliant players in it. This game is based on the basketball sport.

The 2k16 season of this game has been very successful and now NBA 2k17 is released. All the fans of this game are very excited to play the new season of this game. There have been very exceptional and fantabulous changes and upgrade in the features in this new season of the game. In the new season of this game, there is a wide range of building players so in this article we will guide you to the best build you can make in the game. You will be guided about the positions architects and features of the players so be connected with us to know more information about the game.

How to create the best player in nba 2k17

Top 5 create the best player in nba 2k17:

We are going to discuss the top 5 best builds in the new season of this basketball game. This article is very informative because we have ranked the top 5 builds very accurately and correctly and if we follow our guide we can easily build a very great player. You can pick and select the features and attributes for any player from your inventory and you can also make their combinations as well. The top 5 builds in Player Builds for NBA 2k17 are the following:

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1:Shot Creator Point Guard:

The first build in this game is a point guard. The short-created point guard is a very main and very important position in this game. The whole game depends on the player who is in the position of a point guard. Now you will be guided about how to build the best point guard. It is the first in the ranking of top 5 builds so it definitely has a lot of features and it will take your sometime also. To build the best point guard you have to pick up a player whose height is 6 feet 1 inch.

This height is a very accurate and a very brilliant height for a player who is on the point guard. The reason is with this height you can easily dominate the defenders. You can easily take a short with a point guard if you have a clear with 6 feet 1 inch of height.

There will be no decline and no boosts will also be there if you have a player with this height. The wing span in the build is also a very crucial thing in the player who is a point guard. The feature of wing span is that the arm length of the player should be 73.2.

This arm length is very accurate in the build because you can easily off-dribble the players with arm’s length. It will also help you in the shooting. In the build, the weight of the player should be 180 pounds. It is a low weight and we recommend you a low weight for the player because a low weight would benefit you in gaining the maximum speed boost.

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2:Shooting Guard:

The second build in this list is shooting guard. It is also a very important position. If you want to make the best build for the shooting you should have the player of the height of 6 feet 4 inches. This height is a bit short but enables the person to duck while losing theed.

The player in this position is needed in the team to quickly respond and enter the game to pick up the ball. The wing span in the build of this clear should have the feature of an arm’s length of 75.2. with the above giving height, a long on I not required and you can easily boost a short with this small wing span. The weight should be 174 pounds because this player mostly stays behind and to get a boost very easily the weight should be light.

3:Point Forward:

The best build for point forward is that you should have the player having a height of 6 feet 9 inches. The point forward needs a better height so with this accurate height you can easily rebound and block the other player’s shots. If we talk about the wing span, the arm length should be 81.2, and the shoulder should be 23.7. this wide shoulder and long arm length will provide you with a very good boost in shooting.

The weight of the point forward should be 210 pounds. This way cannot be beneficial in increasing the strength and box out power but will help you in enhancing your speed a little bit.

4:Small Forward:

The best build for a small forward can be made by you if you pick a player of the height of 6 feet 9 inches. It is very amazing with performance as compared to the speed because the feature of the small forward is their slow movers. With this height, you can easily rebound and block the short of your opponents and some standing bunks can also be made if you have a player of this height. The arm length should be 83.7 to maintain a very accurate and brilliant wing span.

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As you all know that small forward don’t need a speed boost and can be able to shoot very easily so this moderate arm length is perfect. Small forward is totally about the physical game so you must need strength. You can also use contested shots and open shots with this arm’s length with your small forward. The weight of your small forward should be heavier as compared to the other players. The weight that we recommend is 221 as it will help you in balancing the low speed and gaining more physical boost.


The fifth build in this list is the center. The center player needs extra height and the beneficial height is 7 feet 1 inch. This height will give you more standing dunks. Contact dunk, box out, and blocks can also be used if you have a center player of a height of 7 feet 1 inch. The own length of this player should be 85.2 to elevate shooting accurately. The weight we recommend for a center player should be 225 pounds.


In this article, we have discussed a very famous basketball game which is NBA 2k17. We have guided you very accurately on how to create the best players in NBA 2k17. We have given you a guide of the top 5 players which are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, point forward and center.

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