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How To Remove The Rotoscope Filter 2024

In this article we will show the detail how to remove the Rotoscope Filter. TikTok has seen a rapidly increasing trend of users providing snapshots of their daily activities on the site, frequently accompanied by a wish to promote pleasure and happiness. However, many individuals go above and beyond ordinary sharing by modifying their video recordings before publishing. These changes include everything from adding unique filters to introducing fascinating effects, all to improve the overall attractiveness of their work. On the other hand, some TikTok users intentionally seek strategies to remove the famous rotoscope effects from their movies.

Because of their distinctive and aesthetically attractive effects, rotoscope filters have garnered enormous popularity among TikTok users. These filters turn people in videos into shadows, revealing just their outlines. However, there are times when such filters are undesirable, forcing users to look for ways to remove them from their movies.


Today, we’ll guide you on how to remove the rotoscope filter on TikTok. The Rotoscope channel is now getting popular among TikTokers. We’ve detailed everything below if you tried and chose to delete it.
How To Remove The Rotoscope Filter
How To Remove The Rotoscope Filter

Understanding Rotoscope Filter:

The rotoscope channel converts user movements into distinct shapes. The widespread pattern, initially released on TikTok in February 2022 by content producer @icetut, was originally offered by content creators to make films appear more creative.

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How Did Rotoscope Filters Become a Trend:

On TikTok, the Rotoscope filter has replaced another, which is a new type of filter. TikTok’s most popular trend is filters. People like making clips using these effects. This filter converts them into a brilliant flashing light silhouette with a nod. After applying the filter, the person’s original look is impossible to distinguish. People who use the rotoscope filter get billions of likes and views on their work as more people use it.

Can You Remove The Tiktok Rotoscope Filter?

Fortunately for everyone who has uploaded clips with the Rotoscope filter, there isn’t a method to remove the filter once the video has been published – even if downloaded and run through special editing tools.
Of course, you can erase the filter of a video before posting Rotoscope, just like you can remove music or other Rotoscope effects.

Why You Need To Remove The Tiktok Rotoscope Filter?

  1. In some instances, unfiltered shots are preferable to filtered ones.
  2. The selfie before applying makeup on your skin in a cosmetics tutorial video.
  3. Surveillance recordings that show the perpetrator’s actual appearance.
  4. Travel films that showcase nature’s inherent beauty.
  5. A tutorial video that teaches the viewer how to accomplish something, mainly how to use a computer.

Step-By-Step Removal Of The Rotoscope Filter:

Rotoscope this fantastic TikTok feature is a unique effect that lets people apply animated lines or patterns to their films. Rotoscope filter simulates sketching or outlining the topic in the movie frame by frame, providing a distinctive and visually appealing effect. Let’s start looking at how to remove the rotoscope filter on TikTok now.

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There are two methods for Rotoscope: deleting while recording and deleting from drafts.

Remove The Tiktok Rotoscope Filter When Recording:

  1. To begin recording a video clip, open your TikTok app and hit the plus symbol.
  2. In the right panel, select “Filters.”
  3. Select Portrait > Normal.
  4. Then select “Effects” from the menu.
  5. Choose the None effects.
  6. Click on the Beauty settings and set the values in the Face and Makeup tabs to zero.

Removing Tiktok Rotoscope Filter From Drafts:

1) Navigate to your profile page in the TikTok app.

2) View your saved drafts in the “Drafts” area.

3) Tap the “Edit” button after selecting the target video.

4) Select the “Filters” tab after tapping the “Effects” button.

5) Swipe left to find and tap on the rotoscope filter.

6) To remove this filter from the clip, click the “Remove” button.

Removing The Rotoscope Filter From The Other’s Videos:

You’re likely pondering how to remove a rotoscope filter you mistakenly applied to someone else’s video. While you may do this while filming, it will not function on another person’s TikTok video. This is when a rotoscope remover comes in. While downloading someone else’s video is not an option, there are a few alternatives.

First, you have to go to the video. When the user shakes their head, the rotoscoped version appears. You cannot undo this effect after it has been applied. You’ll note that your eyeglasses and facial characteristics have altered despite the new filter. If you don’t like how your face appears after using the rotoscope filter, turn it off.

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To delete the rotoscope filter from someone else’s video, go to that person’s account and click the cancel symbol. The rotoscope filter will be removed from that person’s video. In certain circumstances, removing the rotoscope filter is not an option. Therefore, you may have to do it manually.


In conclusion, TikTok’s addition of the rotoscope filter launched a creative trend, providing users with a one-of-a-kind option to change films. While the popularity of this filter has skyrocketed, some may prefer to remove Rotoscope from their work. Although TikTok does not provide a direct way to reverse the filter after publication, our guide discusses alternate methods, such as altering parameters while recording or editing from drafts. As TikTok’s capabilities expand, user creativity stays at the top of the list, and our goal is to enable users to personalize their content to their tastes successfully.

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