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What Do The Fitbit Symbols Mean? Everything You Should Know

In this article, we will show the detail Fitbit symbols mean. A few of the most feature-rich wearables on the market are available from Fitbit. They enable users to monitor their daily activities, including the number of steps taken, the overall number of calories burned, and the calibre of their sleep. Fitbit’s representation of fitness data makes it simple to understand and beneficial to most consumers.

The literal meanings of Fitbit symbols, a few of which can be too ambiguous for novice users, must also be understood. This helpful article will explain the meaning of each icon in a collection of Fitbit graphics. There is a lot to read through, so save this page if you ever encounter an unidentified Fitbit sign.

What Do The Fitbit Symbols Mean Everything You Should Know

What do the Fitbit Symbols Mean?

Fitbit has a large number of symbols that you should learn. Many of these symbols may be easily found on apps controlling various aspects, including settings, fitness information, etc. Fitbit’s overall ratings can differ from model to model. However, a few of them continue to stand out as being consistent.

The Fitbit logo will stay the same if you’re ready to spend the extra money on a newer model. Fitbit, one of the most established fitness bands on the market, has undergone slight modification in recent years. The Fitbit’s universe is quite organized and practical. The various and well-known Fitbit series of symbols are part of Fitbit’s learning curve.

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You’ll find that the Fitbit user interface is beneficial for tasks like adjusting the order and your daily activities. Additionally, you may track your planned walk on a specific day or chronic abscess using the GPS.

The meanings of each of the typical Fitbit symbols are explained below.

Battery Icon:

The icon for batteries often resembles a battery with a percentage inside. Your Fitbit device’s remaining battery life is displayed. The symbol may change colour or show a low-battery warning when the battery is low.

The Fitbit learning curve will significantly help you in things like editing the order and your previous day’s activities. Additionally, you may track your planned walk on a specific day or chronic abscess using the GPS.

Bluetooth icon:

This icon will show up when your Fitbit is Bluetooth-connected to your cell phone or another device. It verifies that your Fitbit and mobile device are synchronizing data and notifications.

Sync icon:

You might see a spinning arrow or a sync icon when your Fitbit syncs data with your mobile app or computer. This shows that your associated device receives data from your Fitbit, such as steps taken, sleep data, and activity data.

Heartbeat Icon:

This indicator shows that your Fitbit if it contains a heart rate sensor, is now measuring your heart rate. You can see various icons for tracking your active and resting heart rates.

Steps Icon:

This icon shows how many steps you’ve done toward your daily step target. As you approach your goal, the icon can animate or change colours.

Distance Icon:

This shows how many miles or kilometres you have travelled today. That is dependent on your motion and can aid in tracking your development.

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Calories Icon:

This icon displays how many calories you’ve expended throughout the day. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and extra energy expended during physical activity are also included.

Stairs Climbing Icon:

When your Fitbit has an altimeter, it can show an icon that counts how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed. For tracking vertical movement, this is helpful.

Notification Icon:

A notification icon will appear on your associated smartphone whenever you receive a notification, such as an incoming text or call. You may view the notification’s information by tapping on it.

Alarm Icon:

This icon will appear when the alarm is active if you’ve customized alarms on your Fitbit for activities like wake-ups or reminders. Typically, you can ignore or turn off Fitbit alarms.

Do Not Disturb icon:

This icon shows when the “Do Not Disturb” setting on your Fitbit is on. This setting frequently silences alerts for a predetermined amount of time to prevent interruptions when sleeping.

GPS icon:

This icon shows that your Fitbit is constantly employing GPS to track your position when you are engaged in an outdoor activity, such as biking or running if it has a built-in GPS.

Weather icon:

Fitbit wearable with weather capability can show the temperature and current weather. Additional weather information can be available by tapping the icon.

Water Droplet Icon:

Some Fitbit gadgets can track swimming and are water-resistant. When in swimming or water mode, this indicator may show to let you know the device is suitable for usage in the water.

Snooze icon:

It denotes the sleep tracking mode, meaning that your Fitbit keeps track of your sleep habits, including the times you go to bed and wake up and when you go through each stage of sleep.

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Stopwatch/Timer Icon:

This indicator will show up when your Fitbit’s timer or stopwatch is in use, assisting you in keeping track of the passing of time while engaging in activities or performing tasks.

Remember that the specific icons and their looks may change based on your Fitbit brand and software version. If you have questions about the significance of a particular icon, check out your Fitbit instruction manual or the company website for clarification.


In conclusion, comprehending Fitbit symbols is essential for maximizing the performance of your device. Fitbit offers fitness trackers and smartwatches with various icons for crucial capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, syncing, and more. Fitbit maintains uniformity in icon design despite model variations, making it user-friendly.

Yet, icon appearances may differ significantly by version and software version; consult the Fitbit website or manual for more information. Understanding these symbols guarantees a smooth Fitbit experience, enabling you to track your fitness, remain connected, and confidently monitor your health.

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