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How to assault your best friend in BitLife for 2024 - Best Buy How

How to assault your best friend in BitLife for 2024

Here is the detail about How to assault your best friend in BitLife BitLife is an online game that was developed by Candywriter LLC. This game can be downloaded from the Play Store and Apple Store and can be played on different devices. This game is very easy to play. It starts with a small character and the player controls the health, happiness, smarts, and looks of the character. The different characteristics of the players keep on changing.

As the character of the game grows up, the players has to opportunity to make the life decision of the character. Sometimes you have to pay for certain items for the game while playing. There are numerous followers of BitLife on TikTok and other social media platforms.

In this article, we will be discussing Bitlife basics, tips for the game, and other such features. In addition to that, we will be talking about how to assault your best friend in BitLife. Read the whole article for more details.

How to assault your best friend in BitLife
assault your best friend in BitLife

Basics of the BitLife:

You Start the game with a simple character boy or a girl. All the characteristics of the game character are in the hands of the player like gender, city, nationality, etc. When the character comes to life you can check the stats of the character like happiness, health, and looks. The stats must be above 90 to be a successful person afterward. When the character becomes famous you can get another stat that is fame which keeps on changing.

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You can also control your hobbies, relationships, children, and other activities like going on vacations, getting assets, and other such things.

Tips for the BitLife Simulator:

The BitLife is based on normal life activities so your might kick you out of the house to get a good job. You have to earn your own money for survival. In addition to that you can get a job. On bitlife, you can get various jobs. To get a job you first set your goal in life then choose what you want to be in your life. Then go to the main menu, career then select one of the careers.

There are various jobs loft judge, actor, lawyer, CEO, etc. You can get any of the jobs by simply applying for them.

Job Shuffle Cheat:

To get a job, you can use a job by shuffle cheat. As the jobs are placed randomly you may face problems while searching for a job. So you shuffle the job in two ways. The first method is to enter the next year in the age box or restart the app. Or simply restart, close the app, and then again open the app. After that look for new jobs. News jobs appear every time you restart the app.

Various activities in the BitLife:

There are activities in BitLife that will make you feel happy or sad that will affect the stats of the character like health, smart, and happiness. To maintain the stats you can do various activities. You can have a relationship, get married, have kids. You can go to casinos, gyms, cinemas, etc. to maintain the stats.

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BitLife Robbins:

You can get or collect the various ribbons in that Bitcoin like Unlucky Ribbon. You will get this ribbon when you will die. Then comes the mediocre ribbon for the ordinary and simple life. Then you will get a ribbon for a successful life and much more. There are also many ribbons for different stats and tasks.

Check your net worth:

You can also check your net worth By going to the will and testaments in the activities menu. You can be a millionaire by becoming a doctor or actor. Your net worth increases as your achievement increases.

How to Assault your Best Friend in BitLife?

This is one of the new challenges in the BitLife game. There is a new addition in the game that you can create drama with your friend. You can physically attack your best friend which is one of the most difficult tasks of the game. In this article, it will be told how to assault your best friend in the game.

To assault your best friend you have to make a best friend. To get a friend improve the friendship stat. After becoming friends with them you can change your relationship with them from friend to best friend. Or simply you can raise your age to become best friends.

To get a friend you can move to the relationship bar and select it. Get connected to them frequently by talking to them. Keep talking to them until an argument starts. There are maximum chances that your friend will start the fight. After that, some options will be shown on the screen like insulting her/him, attacking him/her, and many more.

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Choose the option “attack him/her” from the options that will pop up on the screen. After choosing the option of attacking, you will be asked for the type of attack you want. The software will ask for the part of the body to be attacked. Choose the target and move for the attack. Your best friend might attach you back which can injure your character so be careful. In addition to that the police might catch you for attacking your best friend. For that, you can bribe them, escape from jail, or corporate with them. After assaulting your best friend the task here will be completed.


In this article, we have discussed the game BitLife an online game that has different features. Moreover, we have talked about the basics of the game and how a game starts. You can set the characteristics of the character according to your preferences. Moreover, you can have a look at the health status, happiness status, and much more. The new feature introduced in the game is to assault your best friend. This task is newly introduced in the game. Read the the whole article for more detail.

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