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How To See Best Friend List on Snapchat Plus

Here is the detail about How To See Best Friend List on Snapchat Plus. As we all are familiar with Snapchat and it helps us to save memories and share them with others also. So there is a paid version of Snapchat whose name is Snapchat Plus. This is very great and had a lot of advanced features. By getting this paid version of Snapchat social network people got access to enjoy more new features. As there are so many new features in Snapchat Plus as compared to simple Snapchat but you have to pay money if you want to get access to all those features.

How To See Best Friend List on Snapchat Plus

According to the company, more than 2 million people have paid for this and it shows that this is becoming very popular. Some people don’t know about the features or we can say that they are not able to understand some features of Snapchat Plus like how to see their best friend list on Snapchat Plus.

As it is popular but in some countries, there are so many countries who are not familiar with this amazing Snapchat Plus. If we mentioned the countries that have this then those are the united states, Canada, Uthe K, Franc  Germany, Australia, and many more. People who belong to these countries are getting benefits from Snapchat Plus.

We can use this on I phone or Android both. If we have to talk about some features of Snapchat Plus then it gives us priority story replies, pins a bff, custom camera options, chat wallpaper, post view emoji custom story expiration, ghost trails, custom notification sounds exclusive Bitmoji background, and some more. But here we will tell you how to see your best friend list on Snapchat Plus.

How to See Your Best Friend List on Snapchat Plus?

As we all know that best friends are the ones with whom we share all our feelings. We talk with them a lot and they are the one who makes our life and events memorable. So if you want to see your best friend list on Snapchat Plus then you have to do the following steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to open Snapchat and swipe right or tap the chat icon.
  2. Secondly, tap on the three dots icon and then select the manage friendship icon.
  3. Then there will be sections whose name is the best friend and there you will be able to see your best friend list.
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So if you follow all those steps then you will not face any difficulty in finding the best friend list on Snapchat Plus. All those steps are very easy and you don’t have to do a lot of work. So follow these steps and solve your problem easily.

  • You can also check your best friend list by selling badges, as you will see badges of best friends and friends with gold rings around them. This makes it easier for you to find your best friend. You can also remove your best friend from Snapchat by stopping talking with them and all the badges will disappear from their Snapchat I’d. The other best feature Snapchat Plus is offering you is that you can also pin your best friend so it makes it easy for you to talk with them by just opening the pinned I’d.

Best friend Solar System:

Snapchat Plus has also very unique features that are called best friend solar system. All the features of Snapchat Plus are the best and make its subscribers get more interest in this. So in the solar system of your best friend, there are some planets and you will be able to find that in which you are in your best friend’s solar system. All planets ref different positions if you are the sun and your friend is Mars it means they are your 4th closest friend.

Like this, Venus told us about a second close friend, and the closest friendships are determined by Mercury.  Also if you are Earth in the solar system of your friend and your friend is the sun it means you are their third closest friend. So, this is a very salient feature given by Snapchat Plus which helps you to find out whose your real friend or who is your fake friend is.

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Watch Other’s Best Friend List:

As some people want to see others’ best friend lists so that they can find out on which planet they are on others’ best friend lists sadly, it is against the privacy policy of Snapchat Plus and you can’t see others’ best friend lists on Snapchat Plus. Became people always trust Snapchat just because it can’t share any private things of anyone with others. This is also a very great feature of Snapchat plus you can’t see others’ best friend lists and your privacy is also not shared with others.

Position on Friend Solar System:

As it is above described that there are some planets in the solar system through which you will be able to know about your best friend’s position. So the order of planets is the same as the actual solar system planets.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

So according to this numbering, you will find out that in which planet you are in your friend’s solar system. Now this solar system feature is only for the subscribers of Snapchat Plus. If you want to get this feature you have to pay Snapchat to become a subscriber of Snapchat Plus.

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