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How To Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone 2024 - Best Buy How

How To Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone 2024

In this article we will show the detail how to turn Off SOS On your iPhone. The iPhone has evolved as a symbol of creativity and accessibility in an era where technology effortlessly integrates with every aspect of our lives. Among its many functions is the critical SOS function, which acts as a protector in times of need. However, as we explore the complex environment of our gadgets, there may be times when we need to mute this watchful watchdog.

Join us on an adventure into the worlds of settings and personalization as we reveal how to gently turn off the SOS option, all while remaining connected to both tech and the comfort of mind.

 Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone

Unveiling Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone:

When an SOS symbol displays on the iPhone’s status bar, it implies the user has no internet connection. You can now only utilize your device’s SOS emergency service call. If you have iPhone 13 or older model, the SOS state will be changed to no service, and you cannot dial any emergency calls.

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However, certain iPhones may have an extra function named “Auto Call,” which autonomously calls emergency numbers after the countdown ends without having you push on the emergency SOS slider. Furthermore, with the iPhone 14, Apple has included a new satellite SOS function allowing you to call emergency numbers even if you are in a No Service Area.

Why Is It Essential To Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone:

The SOS function on iPhones is an essential tool for requesting aid during disasters, but there are times when turning off it may be advantageous. For example, if kids or unfamiliar users regularly use the device, disabling the SOS function can avoid unintentional activity that could result in unwanted urgent calls. This feature not only serves to keep emergency services truthful but also guarantees that actual problems get the attention they need.

How To Turn SOS Feature Off:

Disabling the SOS function on an iPhone device is a very simple method that does not require professional expertise. You may manage it from the ease of your own home. Let’s go through some of the most efficient techniques for disabling the SOS on the Apple device, step by step.

Method# 1: Turn Off The SOS Feature On An iPhone Via Settings:

Unlock Your Device:

Use the security code to unlock your phone.

Click Settings:

On your home screen, find the “Settings” app and click on it to open settings.

Click the Emergency SOS option:

 Scroll down in the Settings app until you locate the “Emergency SOS ” button.

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Toggle off “Call with Side Button”:

In the “Emergency SOS” portion, there is a checkbox titled “Call with Side Button.” The SOS function is activated when you repeatedly push a side key or power button. To disable this function, deactivate the option adjacent to the “Call with Side Button.” When the switch is turned off, it turns from green to white.

Method# 2: Turn Off SOS Mode On An iPhone By Toggling On And Off Airplane Mode:

Unlock your iPhone:

Use your secret password to unlock your iPhone.

Go to Control Center:

You must slide down from the top-right corner of your iPhone screen to reach the control center.

Enable Airplane Mode:

Look for the Airplane Mode symbol in the Control Center and click on it. When you enable Airplane Mode, the symbol becomes blue, and your iPhone disconnects from the network.

Hold on for a few seconds:

Give your iPhone a few seconds with the airplane mode on.

Turn off Airplane Mode:

Now disable the airplane mode. When you switch off Airplane Mode, the symbol becomes white, and your iPhone returns to the network.

Confirm SOS Settings:

After turning airplane mode on and off, check whether the SOS mode has been switched off. You can see if the Emergency SOS slider shows by pushing the side/ top button five times rapidly. If Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone does not display, the SOS function has been correctly turned off.

Method# 3: How To Turn Off SOS Mode On iPhone By Toggling On And Off Cellular Data:

Unlock your Apple device:

If your iPhone is locked, use your secret password to get access.

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Go to Access Control Center:

You must slide down from the top-right corner of your iPhone screen to reach the control center.

Turn off Cellular Data:

You’ll see several icons for rapid adjustments in the Control Center. Find the cellular data symbol. To switch off cellular data, tap this symbol. The symbol should become gray, confirming that cellular data has been turned off.

Wait for the SOS Mode to be deactivated:

Wait a minute after switching off cellular data. Your iPhone’s SOS function should immediately deactivate. Depending upon the working condition of your network or device, this might take a few moments.

Turn on Cellular Data:

Now reactivate the cellular data of your iPhone. Return to the Control Center and click on the cellular data symbol again. This will switch back on cellular data, and the sign should become blue.

Check for SOS Status:

Check the status bar of your iPhone to ensure that the SOS feature has been correctly switched off. If the SOS feature is enabled, an SOS label will appear close to the cellular signal lines in the upper-left area of your mobile screen. If the mode has been off, the SOS label should vanish once you’ve completed the procedures and toggled cellular data.


In the complicated world of iPhones, the SOS emergency call feature provides a safety net, but Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone is occasionally essential to disable Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone. Our research reveals its mechanisms and expansions, offering alternatives for selectively silencing Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone, ranging from setting modifications to mode switching. Turn Off SOS On Your iPhone in this article discussed the top three easy techniques for turning off SOS in iPhones. All strategies stated here have been personally tested and are simple to implement. You can try each to see which works best for you.

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