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Does Roku have Bluetooth 2024? - Best Buy How

Does Roku have Bluetooth 2024?

In this article we will show the detail does Roku have Bluetooth. Have you ever considered the Bluetooth connectivity possibilities of your television, particularly a feature-rich device like the Roku TV? Many contemporary Roku streaming devices natively support Bluetooth connections. However, it is confined to mobile devices, tablets, and PC connectivity. Wireless media and audio devices, such as wireless headphones or a speaker, cannot be connected to any Roku streaming device unless they are Roku hardware, such as the Roku wireless speaker.

Roku TVs do not come standard with a universal Bluetooth connection. However, Bluetooth may be enabled on Roku TV by utilizing a device like the Roku wireless speaker. The Roku Mobile app’s private listening capability can now provide Bluetooth connectivity. Another option is to attach a transmitter with Bluetooth capabilities to the TV to enable Bluetooth functionality.

Does Roku have Bluetooth 2024

Does Roku have Bluetooth 2024?

When it comes to streaming players and sandbars, almost all have Bluetooth connectivity. Although most people who use Roku-powered TVs notice the lack of Bluetooth. In light of this, the American company has expanded its Roku Private Listening function to the Roku app. Bluetooth has become an essential component.

The experience of pairing your Roku TV to a Bluetooth device, such as headphones or sandbars, will always be different. You’ll need to utilize the Roku mobile app to pair your TV to the Bluetooth device.

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The actual function of this feature is to pair your Roku to a Bluetooth speaker with the help of application, and thanks to this added feature, Roku lets you connect uptown four 4 devices at a time.

The basic aim of this function is to connect your Roku with a Bluetooth speaker via the app, and Roku now allows you to connect to a maximum of four devices at once.

What Can a Roku Do With Bluetooth?

You may use Bluetooth to connect your Roku TV to audio devices such as Roku Smart Speakers, Sound bars, Airproofs, and others. Roku TVs, on the other hand, do not support Bluetooth. A Bluetooth connection is accessible on your Roku TV to connect to your speaker or headsets. The Roku Streaming Stick can also connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

However, the basic fact is that Bluetooth connection for Roku TV and Streaming Stick is restricted. For connecting a device to your Roku TV, utilize the Roku App’s Private Listening function for pairing your Roku TV to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Roku Models that Support Bluetooth:

Before we get into the various methods for getting Bluetooth on a Roku player, let’s look at the models that support Bluetooth. Roku devices, including TV series, must be made available to support a fully functioning Bluetooth connection.

However, some of these items can be a bridge between Roku players and Bluetooth receivers by holding the connection directly.

Having said that here are some of the numerous Roku devices that allow Bluetooth pairing with a Smartphone, tablet, or PC:

Roku ModelDirect BT SupportCan Act as intermediate
Roku Stream bar + Stream bar ProYesYes
Roku Ultra LT (4801)YesNo
Roku Smart Sound barYesYes
Roku + Series TVYesNo
Roku Smart Sound barYesYes
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All other models not included in the table cannot support a Bluetooth connection.

Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth?

Roku TVs do not enable Bluetooth connectivity to external audio devices, speakers, or headphones. It can only pair with Roku Sound bar Pro and Roku Wireless Speakers. You can’t connect your BT Speakers directly with the external speakers. You may utilize the Roku application’s “Private listening” option to establish a link between the two devices.

Also, You can pair your Roku TV to a Bluetooth device using the Roku app, which can be used from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This implies the application will pair your Roku TV to your Bluetooth device.

You can link your Roku TV to a Bluetooth device with the help of the Roku application, which can be used through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This implies the software will serve as a bridge between your Roku TV and the Bluetooth-enabled device.

Simple Steps to Pair or Connect your Roku TV to the Bluetooth Device:

  1. Start your smartphone, tablet, or computer and launch the Roku app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click the “Remote” tab.
  3. Hover your mouse over the “Devices” symbol at the top of the screen.
  4. Choose “Pair Bluetooth device.”
  5. When the Bluetooth connecting page appears on your Roku TV, go to your smartphone to finish the setup.
  6. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, PC, Or tablet to ensure it is turned on.
  7. Wait until your Roku device displays in the Bluetooth list on your phone, then choose it.
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After you’ve performed the following actions, your Bluetooth device should be paired to your Roku TV, and you can begin wirelessly streaming your favorite entertainment.

It’s crucial to know that not all Roku players support Bluetooth. While specific Roku devices, such as the Roku Ultra, feature integrated Bluetooth, Roku TVs and video streamers, such as the Hisense R8F and TCL 6-Series, do not. Instead, they enable wireless listening via the Roku app.


To summarize, Roku devices can use Bluetooth for improved communication; however, compatibility varies depending on the Roku model. By default, Roku TVs lack universal Bluetooth, but you may activate it using the Roku Bluetooth speaker and the Roku Mobile application.

Bluetooth improves the Roku experience by allowing you to connect up to four devices at once, such as headphones, soundbars, and even more. Check your gadget to see whether it supports Bluetooth.

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